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We have a choice of 4 function rooms to suit your requirements. The Carter & Somerdale Rooms are perfect for your afternoon reception.


The Conference Centre itself has a Members Bar with a Big Screen TV for those great sporting events.


We are now a busy Conference Centre by day and host meetings and seminars and business shows for local companies and groups.

Popular Events

Country Music Night

25 Saturday 8th December

Fry Club and Conference Centre

Christmas Party Show

Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th December

Fry Club and Conference Centre

Rock & Roll Night

Friday 16th November

Fry Club and Conference Centre

Christmas Dinner & Disco

Friday 7th - Saturday 8th - Friday 14th - Decembe

Fry Club and Conference Centre

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Our Members


Neither too formal nor too informal – the perfect place to conduct business meets.


A great hangout to enjoy with friends and family!


We conducted our son’s wedding here, and were pretty amused by how it managed to convert into a hip party place from a sombre wedding venue in a matter of a few hours!


A fun place to unwind after a hectic week, always my go-to!

Our Blog

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Fantastic Skin-Detoxifier: Dark chocolate makes a superb skin-detoxifier in mix with caffeine. It swamps off the dead skin cells and permits the recently uncovered, new skin to inhale uninhibitedly. Decreases Hair Loss: It helps in advancing blood flow in the scalp which prompts expanded development of sound, glistening locks. On account of being a dissemination promoter, it is additionally observed to be extremely successful in decreasing male pattern baldness. Makes You Stronger : Dark Chocolate drink is additionally something that…

How to make Homemade Chocolate

To make Homemade Chocolate without any preparation isn’t troublesome. You will require three noteworthy things to make chocolates effectively at home: Quality cooking chocolate: Dark/intense chocolate, dark chocolate as well as white chocolate, tiny chocolate molds, garnishes and toppings such as nuts, sprinkles, coconut pieces, Fundamentally you can be inventive in the chocolate making process and the best thing is that it won’t require much exertion or information.     Tempering chocolate is a method where it is warmed to…

Keeping Your Bar Standing

We are not talking about handling your business of finances here; this is something a bit more tangible, what we will be talking about right now is keeping your physical bar intact. The problem with handling a sports bar is some pests the drinks and bar food attracts, it gets tedious to clean everything spotless every night. Even if you didn’t mean to, you would become complaisant and a bit less thorough with your cleaning work, missing spots and leaving…

How To Uninvite Pests In Your Bar

Pests pose a significant threat to food safety and sanitation. Pests such as rodents, flies, and cockroaches spread germs and harmful pathogens that could result in illness and food poisoning. The signs of pest infestation in your club and bar could severely tarnish your reputation and business. It could lead to hefty fines, compensation, prosecutions, and closure of your establishment. It is important to know how to prevent these pests from lurking in your property. You need to call a…

How To Keep Your Sports Bar Pest Free

Pests are bothersome creatures that will ruin everything from clothes to food and even a success of your sports bar. How?  Imagine your sports bar popularity is going up and every customer is leaving with a smile on its face. The success of your sports bar business greatly depends on the service you offer and this includes good food, amazing customer service, and proper sanitation. Suddenly having pests crawling within your premises is not a good way to maintain a…

When Should You Get a Tummy Tuck?

It is important to know when you should get any elective surgery, if you don’t really need it why pay for it and suffer the long recovery time. Before deciding it is important to give yourself some time, after losing weight it often takes time for the skin to tighten, if after a good amount of time has passed you should consult your doctor if an abdominoplasty is necessary. If the sag is not very severe, you may explore alternatives…

Skills Needed for Starting a Business

Sooner or later while starting up your own business you may almost certainly provide a presentation. You’ll not just multiply your business’s capacity to collect intelligence, you’re create a more powerful, more motivated team. Evaluate your enterprise idea. In case your research proves that a proposed business venture has a significant probability of failure it would really be unwise that you proceed. Me an my friend have started a bail bonds practice, there’s a lot of money to be made…

Importance of Motivation in our Lives

In real life, little business’s funds are limited and they should come up with new intriguing ideas to be able to motivate the employees. Such events are helpful for a firm’s promotion in addition to building long-lasting small business relationships. It’s true that the consumers, who will find the appreciation letters are truly the most critical assets of your  business. It works nicely as a negotiation tactic also. It’s rewarding to know there’s a non-judgmental and confidential environment to talk…