When Should You Get a Tummy Tuck?

When Should You Get a Tummy Tuck?

It is important to know when you should get any elective surgery, if you don’t really need it why pay for it and suffer the long recovery time. Before deciding it is important to give yourself some time, after losing weight it often takes time for the skin to tighten, if after a good amount of time has passed you should consult your doctor if an abdominoplasty is necessary. If the sag is not very severe, you may explore alternatives that involve Lasers and Thermage procedure might be able to help tighten the skin a bit, though it may not be very effective for severe cases.

Being more than 30 pounds overweight for a long period of time might have reduced your skin’s elasticity significantly; the reason for this is that when you gain weight, your skin doesn’t really as much as it is being torn, depending on your age, overall health, and genetics your skin could retain its elasticity and heal.  One thing that may help in avoiding or reducing loose skin when losing weight is by losing weight slowly. Though it is understandably tempting to lose weight and burn your fats fast it might help your skin heal better if you give it time to slowly adjust. If after all this and non-surgical treatments your skin is still loose, a tummy tuck is the only thing you can do to handle the sagging.

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Often times women gain weight during their pregnancy, this weight gain could be as little as a few pounds to tens of pounds.  I am not telling you to save up for your tummy tuck now while you are pregnant, as there are cases where pregnant women gain more than a hundred pounds during and after pregnancy only to have their skin return to normal after losing the weight. It is important to keep in relative shape during pregnancy though, not just for your figure but for the health of the baby and a healthy safe delivery. If after the delivery of the baby you lose weight and your skin does not go back to normal after a period of time, you may consider getting an abdominoplasty.

Another reason to get a tummy tuck is after getting another famous elective procedure – liposuction. After getting a liposuction you are given instructions to follow during the recovery time, it is important to follow it to give the best results.  But just like the cases stated above your skin not sagging will depend on your age, genetics, and how long you had the extra weight. You could be extremely lucky and not need a tummy tuck but more often than not you will probably need it. I hired an electrician to fix wiring in one of my Rancho Cucamonga offices.

The procedure involves cutting out a piece of you, so it is important to know that you have exhausted every other option before deciding. It is a relatively safe procedure though, and if the doctor suggest that it is the best if not only way for you to get rid of the loose skin then it probably is.

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