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Why you should encourage your son to play a sport?

We are all encouraged to engage in regular exercises because of the many benefits that come with exercising. Exercising will require you to choose a sport and play it. When you play sport, you would have involved in some exercise. You don’t have to wait until your child is all grown-up before you allow them to decide to start playing a sport. You could encourage them to start early enough for the following reasons:

It is interesting

One of the reasons why you should encourage your son to play a sport is because it is interesting. Children love engaging and interesting activities and we are generally looking for interesting, healthy, and profitable activities that they can engage in. Sport is one of the most interesting profitable activities that you can encourage your son to engage in. Whenever it is time for the sport, they will always be excited and immediately after a sports playing session, they will start looking forward to the next session. This is more so when you choose a sport that they love. Hence, you might first want to ask them for their favorite sport or you could shuffle through some popular sports that you will engage in one after the other on different days. You should be able to identify the sport that seems the most interesting to them and the ones they seem not to be interested in. You can then opt for the sports they find interesting. To help them get the best out of the sports to further encourage them, you will need to get them the right gear for the sport you are encouraging them to engage in. You can get more information on about what type of gear you should buy for your kids and where to get them. You can start by reading about Sleefs to see information that other people who want to buy sport gear have left on their page.

It develops its strategic skills

Irrespective of the sports that you are playing, you will need to have some level of strategy to defeat your opponent. Hence, playing sport makes the player start developing various strategies that they will use whenever they are playing intending to win. In the same way, as they face other life challenges, they would picture it like a sport and know that they just need the right strategy to surmount the challenge. They will subsequently put on their thinking caps and try to find a way out of the challenge or problem.

It could become a profitable career

Today, people who play sports are easily one of the most paid everywhere in the world. Generally, people who play sports earn more than medical doctors, lawyers, and other professionals we can think about. Hence, many parents and children, especially those who have an interest in making a lot of money are interested in a career in sport. When you encourage your son to play a sport, you will help them to start learning that sport early enough. As they grow, they could be good enough to compete with any individual in the same age group as them. You might enroll them in a professional sports school where they will be properly trained. With such effort, they could be on their way to becoming the next Messi, Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, or other top sports personality around the world that earns 100s of thousands of dollars every week.

It makes them healthier

Exercise, and by implication playing a sport, is mainly encouraged because of the impact it has on our health. Being involved in sports and eating right are easily 2 of the 3 foundations on which our health is built. The third will be avoiding habits that could endanger your life such as alcohol, smoking, and drunk-driving among others. Exercise is very important to virtually every system in our body as it contributes to the optimal performance of those systems. Once the systems are functioning optimally, the chance of falling ill will reduce significantly.

It builds their self-esteem

One of the other ways that playing a sport contributes to the overall development of a child is that it builds their self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is important if a child is to be successful. By playing sports, they get to compete with other people, discover their strengths, and know their worth. With that, it will be very difficult or almost impossible for anybody to put them down.

It will improve their ability to work as a team

Most sports require an individual to work with other members of a team to defeat another team. When that is the case, they must understand each other be able to work together seamlessly as that is the only way they can defeat their opponent. This teaches a child how to work as a team. He would transfer such knowledge to school activities where he is expected to work as a team with other students and when he starts working eventually. He will understand the importance of being a team player and the know-how to carry others along when they are working as a team.

It will help them build the habit of exercising

Another reason why you should encourage your son to play a sport is that it will help them build the habit of exercising. As a child, it is easier to learn something and stick to what we learn as opposed to when we are trying to learn that same thing as an adult. The same applies to sports and exercise. For people that started exercising as a child, it will already be a part of them and they will always find it easy making out time to exercise. The same will not apply to an individual who just wants to start imbibing the culture of exercising at the age of 20 or 30. It would always be stressful and forceful in the first few weeks or months before they will start finding it easier to exercise.

It could provide a moment of bonding for the family

Sports and other forms of exercise and games could provide the perfect opportunity for families to bond. When families are involved in sports or exercise as a team, it will make it easier for them to bond and have fun at the same time. This is easily the best way of bonding because of the beautiful memories that will be created and that will be cherished by every member of the family for life.